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Fortress Arms is a custom Conroe gunsmith shop specializing in 1911 pistols, precision bolt-action rifles and accurized AR-type semi-automatic rifles.


Custom 1911′s

This is the classic that everyone is looking for. We can custom build your 1911 using slides and frames made especially for Fortress Arms by Caspian, or by Colt.

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Custom Bolt Rifles

Whether used by law enforcement, military or civilian marksmen, Fortress Arms’ can build you a precision bolt-action rifles in virtually any caliber.

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Custom AR's

From lightweight patrol carbines to precision long-range Special Purpose Rifles, Fortress Arms can design and build your perfect modern sporting rifle.

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Our Services

Fortress Arms can assist you with custom and general gunsmithing and FFL transfers. We are also a NFA (Class 2 & 3) dealer and manufacturer.



Let Fortress Arms keep your firearms in top working order!  Our specialties include 1911 Pistols, Bolt-action Rifles, AR-15 Rifles, Glock Pistols and AK/Saiga Rifles.

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Fortress Arms can assist you with FFL transfers for pistols, long guns and NFA items.  We offer discounts for Texas CHL holders and NRA members.

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Gunsmithing: Crafting Pride and Restoring Heritage

Whether you need a gun that is customized to fit like a natural extension of your hand, a family heirloom that needs restoration, or a hunting rifle or shotgun that needs to be repaired before the opening day, the gunsmiths at Fortress Arms can help you.

We start with a love of weapon – Guns like 1911 pistols, hunting rifles, target shooting rifles, and customized guns designed and built to fit your style of shooting. Our gunsmiths, Jeremiah Pratt and Steven Spruell, both offer expert skill and craftsmanship.

  • Top-shelf quality
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Products that will last for generations

Our Gunsmith Team

Steven Spruell, Owner & Pistolsmith
Steven brings an enormous amount of experience and expertise to Fortress Arms. He is a Certified GLOCK Armorer and an expert with pistols, rifles, and shotguns. He is a certified pistol instructor for the NRA, a Texas LTC instructor and also teaches gun safety. Steven has a deep fascination for the 1911 pistol and is an expert at custom builds, maintenance, and repairs for 1911 pistols.

Jeremiah Pratt, Gunsmith
Jeremiah is a graduate of the Colorado School of Trades for Gunsmithing and specializes in custom built rifles, rifle repair, shotgun repair, and custom pistol manufacturing. He is also an expert at firearm and wooden stock refinishing.

The staff at Fortress Arms is happy to discuss gun building and custom projects with all Fortress Arms customers. We recommend chatting up one of the gunsmiths when you are ready to place an order. There are a lot of options available, and some may be better than others for your project.

Our Gunsmithing Services

The gunsmiths at Fortress Arms offer full-service repair, maintenance, and custom builds. We work on:

  • Hunting Rifles
  • Sport Shooting Rifles
  • Competition Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Single Action Bolt Rifles
  • Handguns
  • We build Custom AR’s as well as repair and maintain them
  • We specialize in custom 1911 builds, repair, and maintenance
  • We custom-build guns, rifles, and shotguns


Finishing Services

All of our finishing services are performed in-shop except for hot-bluing which is outsourced. We customize finishes to meet the needs of each client. Optional finishes include:

Bead-Blasting – Turn a shiny metallic gun into a gun with a matte finish.

Cerakote – Custom and finishes that are an option for changing a gun’s color. Our professional Cerakote looks like it came from the factory.  Custom textures and themes added to your guns, such as camo, digital camo, graphics, and special textures. The results are professional and the quality is spot on.

Parkerizing – A quicker and durable alternative treatment for Bluing. Parkerizing is perfect for custom builds and restorations as the outcome produces a weatherized finish that lasts.

Custom Paint Schemes – We apply durable paint for camo, digital camo, and solid colors paints to produce custom results.

Bluing – A classic treatment for metal to protect it from oxidizing and rusting. This is an outstanding process for hunting weapons, especially those that may be used in an moist environments, such as shotguns for duck hunting.

Gun Options and Customizations

If you can dream it up, our gunsmiths are happy to discuss it! Bring us your project, and we’ll talk through the process with you. We’ll make sure the customization is the best option for the user based on the way the weapon will be used.

Guns, beautiful as they are, are instruments. For custom firearms like an AR-15 build or a Bolt-Action Rifle build, we’re happy to build them to your specs. We will ask plenty of questions and take detailed notes and measurements. Our goal is for your gun to feel like an extension of you each time you pick it up. For a custom pistol, the way it fits into your hand. For a shotgun, the ease in which it mounts to your shoulder.


Options for guns include suppressors, optics, grips, and finishes. Our gunsmiths can discuss your choices for each of these.

At Fortress Arms, we want you to be more than just happy with your new gun. We want you to be excited by it. That is why we put our expertise into every single gun with which we work. We take pride in our custom builds, but we also care about restorations and repair of special guns.

If you have questions about any of the products or services that we perform, just ask us. We are happy to answer even the most basic question. If you are interested in learning about firearms or specific types of guns, we can help point you to the best resources on guns, such as the NRA. We are here to help.


Fortress Arms is a custom gunsmith located in Conroe, TX.  We are open Tuesday through Saturday and appointments are required.

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