Following is a Facebook post from Mark Craighead, owner of Crossbreed Holsters, on the topic of reconciling the use of deadly force with Christian principles.  Mark, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

and on another note, this just in:

I am writing to ask your for your input.
I am new to carrying. I am a Christian.
I find that I am uneasy in my spirit at times
when I am carrying. I understand the seriousness
of the responsibility I have accepted. This is
part of it for sure but there is more.
As Christians yourselves how do you reconcile
within Christs teachings and carrying? There is
only one real purpose to carry. Self defense.
I am not terribly troubled here and I understand
if you find this question too personal.
I have had many years of experience in the field
with firearms hunting. In this context I am completely
at ease. Carrying for self defense is a new and
out of context for me. I think this explains part
of what I am experiencing.
I know this is not a product related question but I
feel its safe to ask you folks – believer to believer.
God Bless,


For me it basically comes down to this
Thou shalt not murder vs Thou shalt not kill
Murdering is different than killing, to murder someone is wrong, to kill someone intent on doing you or your family harm is not
I believe the original translation is “murder” not “kill”
This is where I’m at with it really
I also don’t believe that Christ was a lily livered, flower in his hair, pacifist, he did not “encourage” the money changers to leave the temple, but rather threw them out with physical force, this indicates to me, that violence in defense of what is right is not in and of itself wrong, but rather as with murder vs kill, it is the motive behind the actions
Mark Craighead
CrossBreed Holsters LLC

IN closing on this thought, let me say this, one MUST be mentally prepared to do grievous, deliberate, harm to another person attempting to harm them. And to do it without hesitation once “the line” has been crossed. If this is not made up in your mind, get it set so that it is. That hesitation could cost your life if it ever comes down to the wire.