Let Us Build the Custom 1911 of Your Dreams

Custom 1911’s from Fortress Arms

Our 1911’s are hand-built, extraordinarily accurate, and beautiful to hold (and behold). We start with frames and slides manufactured by Colt or custom made for us by Caspian, then add virtually any custom feature you desire. We specialize in building classic 5″ Government-sized 1911’s chambered in .45ACP, though we will build 4.25″ Commander-size guns.  We will ALWAYS choose function over form, meaning we will NEVER sacrifice the reliability or performance of our custom-built guns in favor of an aesthetic feature.

1911 pistols are military grade sidearms that remain very popular today with law enforcement, home protection, and with private collectors. There is a lot of action with these guns, and the precision pieces wear down either because of poor manufacturing, metallurgy issues, or neglect. The original 1911 pistols are comprised of metals that are not on par with today’s technology. That is where customization of 1911’s comes into play. The moveable parts on original equipment wear down. The good news is that we can replace those parts with customized pieces that either remain at factory level performance or that increase performance.

All of our Custom 1911’s includes the following features:

  • Hand-fit Kart Match Grade barrel and bushing
  • Lowered and flared ejection port
  • 25 LPI checkering on front and rear strap
  • 3.5 to 4.5 lb ultra-crisp trigger pull
  • Novak fixed rear sight with fiber-optic front sight
  • Fortress Arms G10 grips
  • Finished with single-color Moly Resin over Parkerizing (for carbon steel guns) or matte bead-blast (for stainless steel guns)
  • 2 Wilson Combat Magazines

Custom 1911 Options and Upgrades include (see price list for complete listing):

  • Flat-topped and serrated slide
  • Front cocking serrations
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Recessed slide-stop pin
  • Magazine well
  • Flush/recessed muzzle with 45-deg crown
  • Heavy machined chamfer on slide
  • French border cuts on slide
  • Ball endmill or carry cuts on forward slide
  • Undercut high-grip front strap
  • Round-butt rear of frame
  • Serrate or checker rear of slide
  • Numerous sight options

Customizations for 1911s

We offer full custom builds for 1911s or upgrades to premium factory 1911s. Our upgrades focus on increasing reliability & accuracy, smoothing and lightening the trigger and custom refinishing.


Custom Firearm Refinishing

Our in-house finishing shop can provide the following custom finishes:

  • Bead-blasting
  • Cerakote
  • Parkerizing
  • Custom paint schemes such as camo, digital camo
  • Cold-bluing

For all 1911 questions or to discuss a 1911 project, contact us. Our gunsmiths have the experience to repair or custom build the perfect 1911 for you.