Custom AR’s from Fortress Arms

Precision Custom AR’s

Fortress Arms can design and build you anything from a lightweight patrol carbine to a precision, long-range rifle in a variety of calibers. We build the following categories of custom rifles and carbines:

  • Direct Impingement (Gas-Operated) AR’s
  • Piston-operated AR’s
  • Select-fire piston-operated M-4’s (for LE/Military Only)

Customized AR-15 and AR-10 rifle builds – take the concept of the original AR rifle and add dimensions such as extended shooting range and accuracy and/or for the utilization of larger ammo.

Certified Gunsmiths and Customizations of AR Rifles

Our Certified gunsmiths; Jeremiah Pratt and Steven Spruell design and upgrade AR-type rifles either as complete custom builds or as strategic upgrades. Customization is the balance of the usage of the weapon and the person using the weapon. The goal is an AR-Rifle that fits the shooter as though the rifle is an extension of the person rather than just a tool.

Fortress Arms Set Up and Process

Our process and equipment is designed to produce custom precision AR builds. We use our own machined billet aluminum uppers and lowers, available in all AR-15 and AR-10 calibers (action blueprinting, re-barreling, barrel bedding, refinishing, stock work).

We are an NFA Class 2 Manufacturer and specialize in custom:

  • Suppressors
  • Short-barreled rifles
  • Full-auto builds and maintenance (for registered NFA firearms, LE and military only)

Upgrades and Options for AR Fans

  • Ammo Upgrades: Increase the size of the ammo that you shoot but want to keep the AR feel rather than buy an AK-type weapon. We can upgrade your weapon or build you a custom weapon that handles large rounds.
  • Adjustable Stock: There are a variety of AR stocks available. We can customize a stock so that the rifle fits your grip or add an option so that you can use the weapon for different applications, such as longer ranged sniping.
  • Grip upgrades: Grip upgrades that take your hand and comfort into consideration help to increase accuracy by creating a better trigger-hand relationship.
  • Customized loaders: This is a use-based application for those people who either want to set their AR-15 or AR-10 up for a specific use or to handle different size ammo. There are options available so that your rifle becomes a tool of precision.
  • Upgrade Lower Parts: Increase accuracy and performance with the customized trigger, hammer, and durable springs that work with your style of shooting, shooting environment, and how you use your AR-Rifle.
  • Customized Upper Receivers: These options add to the specialization and usage of AR-Rifles.
  • Customized Barrels: Barrel options are usage-based and are intended to increase tactical accuracy, comfort, and stealth for protection, sports shooting, or competitive shooting.
  • Sights and Optics: There is a wide variety of optics available for the AR-Rifle. Customization for usage and/or changing out for adding optics in varying conditions. Infrared, night-vision, distance, automatic, and dial in optics and adaptation of your AR-15 or AR-10 to accept different styles of optics or sights.

Finishes for AR-15 and AR-10

Customize your AR-15 or AR-10 Rifle with a custom finish. Increase stealth or just add something unique to your rifle. Our custom finishes include:

  • Bead-blasting
  • Cerakote
  • Parkerizing
  • Custom paint schemes such as camo, digital camo
  • Cold-Bluing
  • Hot-Bluing

Questions and Contact

For all AR-Rifle projects whether for custom builds, repair, or upgrades, just contact us. Steve or Jeremiah will help answer you questions and provide you with information that helps you determine which process or upgrade is best for your rifle and your shooting style.

For all Custom AR questions or to discuss a Custom AR project, contact us. Our gunsmiths, Jeremiah Pratt and Steven Spruell have the experience to repair or custom build the perfect 1911 for you.