Precision Bolt-Action Custom Rifles

Custom Rifles from Fortress Arms

Whether for use by law enforcement, military or civilian marksmen, Fortress Arms’ can build precision bolt-actions rifles in virtually any caliber. For most custom builds, we start with a stock Remington 700 rifle (either new or one your provide), then perform any number of accurizing steps from changing out the trigger to installing a precision-chambered barrel on a “blueprinted” action. The end result is the perfect custom rifle to fit your specific need.

Bolt Action Rifles have a long history as a tactical weapon, but also a long history as a hunting weapon. Customizations of bolt-action rifles depend on usage and the type of ammunition that you want to use. Most customizations for bolt-action rifles start with the barrel since the barrel is the piece of your rifle that most influences accuracy and shooting distance. Many people want to start with the action, but the action is secondary to barrel quality. You can stay with a factory action or go with a customized action. The next option is the stock, and there are some amazing factory and custom stock pieces for bolt-action rifles.

What Fortress Arms does is it finds the balance between how you want to use the gun, and how you physically use the gun. Those sound like the same thing, but they are, in fact, different. The latter is about fitting the gun to you while the prior is about adapting the gun to do the things you need it to do.

The Fortress Arms Shop and Process

We are an NFA Class 2 Manufacturer. That means we are licensed to manufacture or install Suppressors.
We are also licensed to handle and customize short-barreled rifles and shotguns.
We do full-auto builds, modifications, and maintenance (for registered NFA firearms, LE and military only)

Our Custom Machine Shop

Our machine shop is full of all of the equipment needed to build customized bolt-action rifles from the barrel to the finished product. We are capable of high-end custom barrel work, barrel chambering, barrel profiling, and barrel threading for bolt-action rifles. We also do stock and pistol frame machining, checkering, and we have a CNC Mill for custom engraving.

Whether we are working on a family heirloom or building a customized specialty bolt-action rifle, we start with you and the needs you have for your weapon.

We do a lot of work with finishings, and it’s one of the top questions from customers. Finishing options for custom rifles are personal preference, and how you use the gun may influence what type of finish you need. Sport Shooters may opt for hot or cold-bluing while a tactical marksman may opt for a camo-style finish. All of Fortress Arms finishing work is done in-house with the exception hot-bluing. We offer the following types of finishing:

  • Bead-blasting
  • Cerakote
  • Parkerizing
  • Custom paint schemes such as camo, digital came
  • Cold-bluing

Optics and Sights

The type of optics that you choose is again based on usage and distance for shooting. A tactical rifle may require a longer range and a larger scope. Usage comes into the picture because if this is a single use rifle, such as a hunting rifle then how the scope is attached becomes the next question. If you need to have the option of changing scopes, then a quick release optical grip is more appropriate than a two-piece base. The choice comes down to how you plan to target and how close or far you want targets before you engage them.

At Fortress Arms, we spend the time with you to figure out what you need to be the best shooter you can be. That process starts by understanding your needs for each weapon and what you need each weapon to do. If you have a project or would like information about what we do, just contact us. We work well with people and help you understand the process of building or modifying bolt-action Rifles.